Posted by: tank | April 5, 2009

I luv me a sofa.

I luv me a soft sofa. After living in a no kill shelter for too long yeers I luv me anythang soft.  Yu kan come to my howse anee day of the week and yu will find me on the sofa. And I never feel gueelty for laying arownd all day, but u probablee do..haha! Snoozing on the sofa gets me reddy for my dailee walk that my mommee takes me on. I gotta rest up in between, ya know? Heers some piktures of me on my sofas. Hey, it’s hard work beeing me. Enjoy! tanker





  1. Hey Tank it is nice to meet you. Say that is nice of yer Mummy and Daddy to lets you sleep on the cowch. I am not alloweds on the cowch but I heer it is nice!

    Yer pal Dozer

  2. Hey Tank. Nice to meet you! Having a blog is fun! I will put up a link to you ok? Also you are a very lucky dog to get to sleep on the couch couch! I am only allowed on my chair chair!

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