My name is Tank.  I am a pit bull who is abowt 3-5 yeers old. I lived in a no kill shelter for about too years….too yeers..can yu beleeve that? I came to my familee as a foster dawg last June. They fell in luv with me and adopted me! I now spend my days lying on my favorite sofa basking in the sun. 🙂



  1. Tank,
    I happened upon your website via “Trinity the Pit Bull”. What a handsome and blessed fellow you are. I just wish all dogs could have the happy and loving ending that you have. I will be checking up on you so keep on blogging.

    Take care,
    Mary and the dogs (Sprocket, Luke, Stuart and Shooter)

    P.S. We love pictures! Can’t ever get enough of smiling, sleeping, etc.. pit bulls.

  2. Hey Tank. We are glad you found your furever family! I was at a rescue for several months before mom found me! Hey, you get to sleep on the couch couch???? This is an outrage since I still am forbidden on the couch couch! I only can sleep on the chair chair!

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